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And here's what you get...
Secure Online Portal
  • Intuitive Portal Design
    The best services are the ones that feel natural. Our portal is designed with parents in mind.
  • Multiple-devices supported
    View all monitored activity from any laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone, or any web-enabled device.
  • No one captures more
    We capture more information from more apps than any other service around. They try to keep up, but we set the bar really high.
  • Unlimited Storage
    You never have to worry about running out of space. Your personal secure portal is equipped to handle all of your data.
  • Integrated Google Maps
    For the most accurate tracking info, we are proud to be integrating with the world's most widely recognized map service.
  • Remote Upgrades
    Your portal and the child's phone will upgrade automatically when a SmartShepherd upgrade is released.
  • "I call it my 'all-natural anxiety reliever'" -Katie D. of Atlanta

    PANIC Button

    • Immediate Emergency Notification
      When your child triggers the Panic Button, everyone in their contact list will be alerted of their exact location.
    • Automatic photo capture
      While the Panic Button is active, the phone takes pictures of the surrounding area automatically without any intervention and uploads the images to the parent's portal simultaneously.
    • Bully Deterrent
      Nothing scares away a predator more than attention. The Panic Button will blast a screeching sound alerting any one in the area that your child is afraid.
    • Because you asked...
      We found that many parents have opted to install Smart Shepherd without their child's knowledge. The Panic Button was created with this in mind. The Panic Button acts as a fully operational "trojan horse". There is no reference to Smart Shepherd anywhere on the phone. The panic button looks just like the 50 other panic button apps in the app stores.
    "It helps him think twice about his conversations" -Pastor Jeff Hinds

    Capture Emails, Texts, Photos, Websites...

    • Capture photos before it's too late.
      Have all photos taken, sent, or received by the phone immediately uploaded to your secure portal for instant viewing. Protect them from making a permanent mistake.
    • Monitor text messages, emails, and all conversations
      Have transcripts of every email and text message at your fingertips. Since copies are sent to your portal, there is no way to delete emails or texts before you capture the conversation. Other services tell you how many text messages were sent...we hand you the entire conversation. NOTE: to capture GMAIL conversations, your Android phone must first be rooted.
    • Inappropriate website content.
      View their website history and traffic at any time. There are many websites out there with smart and powerful tools to entice your child. We give you a smart and powerful weapon to defend your child.

    Facebook, Whatsapp, LINE, Viber, and many more

    We had several different directions we could have taken this software. We are proud of the direction we have chosen. We are the leader, the risk-taker, the higher standard, the more complete solution. There is ABSOLUTELY no comparable solution that provides the level of protection Smart Shepherd offers. We fill the gaps that other protection software leaves behind. We are watching the trends and incorporating the capture of new apps into our software every day. We are the most complete solution ever.